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NEW (Matt) Mat Cutting technology
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All-Art has recently acquired in a Wizard CMC
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About All-Art of Nelson

Picture framing Supplies.

All-Art is Nelson’s leading specialized picture framer. All-Art’s roots go all the way back to 1977. We have always traded in Nelson, New Zealand. From the very outset we specialised not only in picture framing, but also in cutting picture mounts where mounts were cut by hand on a manual mount-cutter. Over the years we have cut many thousands of picture mounts and photo mats. We stopped counting a long time ago but the computerised mat cutter just keeps ticking away in an attempt to convince us who really does the work around here!
We are a small team who work in the workshop providing a picture frame-cutting and making service. Chris oversees and is responsible for most of the frames, mats, mounts and finishing. Chris mostly operates the mount-cutting machinery, including the Wizard 8000 CMC, Brevetti CE Double Mitre Saw, Computerised Vee Nailer (the Boss), 60 x 40 inch Vacuum Press, Fletcher 3100 Substrate Cutter and the Morso F Guillotine.
We are a highly skilled Team. Despite first impressions, Custom Picture Framing is a skilled craft and very technical job. There is a lot to know in order to get it just right, and it takes four or five years’ experience in a busy workshop before an artisan is a half-decent picture framer. Anyone who tells you that you can do a two-day course and then pick it up as you go along is either trying to sell you a course, convince you to trust their untrained staff, or insufficiently experienced themselves.
All-Art have always been a "real" virtual shop. With All-Art you are dealing with a real business, real people, in-house skills, reliable guarantees and not a web site for a pseudo-business. 


All-Art is a genuine old-fashioned, traditional, high quality, highly-skilled craft shop but one which uses the very latest in precision framing equipment operated only by craftspeople with extensive experience in the trade.  If you want “the best” then All-Art is for you.
We frame everything on site in our clean workshop using the latest equipment, and make most types of frames to order or specialized specification.
All-Art specialises in mats, mounts, frames and glass.  All-Art also supplies art and consumables.

Mats (or Matts) and Mounts

All-Art can produce stock mounts or custom-cut mounts - cut to your design, and mounts or bulk mounts cut for the trade.

All-Art offers standard or specialized picture mats, letter mats and quirky mats. including multi-aperture mats, photo mats, backing boards, zodiac symbol mats.  In fact, if you can draw it then we can cut it – no shape is impossible … using the Wizard Computerized Mat Cutter.
All specialized All-Art mounts are precision computer-cut, including double mounts, multi-window mounts, multi mounts, object boxes, cigarette card mounts, family group and collage mounts, team photos, sports memorabilia, self-adhesive backing and scrap-booking, coloured and custom picture mounts, photo mounts and mount-cutting for photographers, artist mounts and mount-cutting for artists, art mounts and museum mounts, picture-frame inserts, and mounts for phonogram records, CDs, DVDs..
All this using a range of boards including acid-free boards and hinging tapes backing boards, a choice of specialized glass, and an extensive range of ornate and plain picture frame mouldings.

Frames and Glass

All-Art can supply picture and photo frames, certificate frames, artists’ frames, framing and mounts for photographs, customized framing to fit your own pictures, custom framing to your specification, mirror frames, plain or bevelled mirrors, picture glass, museum UV glass, conservation glass, non-reflective glass, standard clear glass or mirror glass, all precision cut to size.
All-Art can supply standard or custom frames to artists or exhibitors at artist prices, and also directly to the public.


Not only can All-Art frame your own pictures or memorabilia, but also offers a range of New Zealand art, work by Nelson artists, images of New Zealand and Nelson prints and pictures.


All-Art is happy to supply all framing consumables, to professionals or hobbyists, to clubs, schools, craft organizations, exhibitors, museums, retailers and framers.  New Zealand artists prints are all available on line. Please view our PDF file to come on line shortly.


All-Art accepts orders over-the-counter and online.  All-Art accepts orders from the public, artists, exhibitors, art retailers, framing retailers and the trade – we have no minimum order, nor maximum!  Product can be collected in Nelson or shipped to your destination.

When you deal with All-Art you are dealing directly with the artisans who guarantee their work, not some front which passes on the work and the responsibility.  With All-Art you are using olde-worlde skills on precision equipment at best prices

Telephone +64 (0)3 547 1542 or email at