Protecting Your Artwork
The Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG) – one of the oldest international associations for the
art and framing industries – continues its role of setting and maintaining standards
with which the trade and its customers can be secure.
Peterboro is proud of its membership in the Guild, and places importance on the fact
that our supplier, Peterboro, has matboards which carry the Guild logo.
FATG Managing Director, Rosie Sumner stressed the point that Peterboro’s
membership to the Guild was due to their adherence to stringent standards.
“Peterboro are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, which means as such they
commit to the Guild’s Code of Ethics. They also commit to support the Guild
standards. They have identified for framers which of the Guild standards each
of their matboards meet,” Rosie said.
“The Guild takes an active and on-going interest in the quality of products which carry
its logo, and investigates any challenge to that endorsement. This vigilance allows
framers to be secure that they can confidently use any product bearing that logo.”
The Guild is London-based, but has members in 36 countries. It was formed in
1910 as the successor to the Printsellers’ Association which had operated since
1847 to preserve the integrity of limited edition prints against unscrupulous traders.
If you’d like to know more about the Guild and its standards visit the website,