Peterboro Vantage Whitecore is designed for customers who want the decorative impact of
a bright white bevel but do not require the qualities and expense of conservation protection.
The Vantage Whitecore is composed of high quality fibre that has been bleached to provide
an attractive bright white appearance. During this process lignin is removed eliminating acids
and calcium carbonate is added to buffer the board to an alkaline pH.
Easy-to-Cut Core
The Vantage core has been specially formulated to provide a smooth clean bevel
with characteristics that make it easy-to-cut maximising the efficiency of computerised
and hand-operated matboard cutters.
Buffered Surface Papers
Vantage surface papers contain no acids and are specified to provide good fade
resistance and even consistent colour coverage.
Peterboro surface papers have a high-strength quality that is tested using the
Dennison Pick test. These papers are required to meet a pick test of 16 or higher
versus competitors who are often 12 or below.
The resulting paper is more resistant to scuffing and surface tearing. This means
less frequent blade changes improving yield and cutting efficiencies.
High-Quality Backing Paper
Vantage uses a high-quality backing paper made from premium long fibres that
tests have shown improves both cutting and durability. The paper is completely
free of acids with consistent colour and calliper to provide an even appearance.
Popular Colour Range
The Vantage colour palette has been formulated via extensive feedback from
customers to represent the colours that are used in everyday framing. Peterboro
have recently expanded the colour range and sizes offered to provide even greater
choice and flexibility.
When benchmarked against the competitive specifications for surface paper, core,
backing paper, pricing and production consistency, Vantage Whitecore represents
the best quality for price among the major manufacturers in the matboard market.
“ Vantage Whitecore
represents the best
quality for price.”