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Computerised Mat Cutter

Frame Cutter/Guillotine

60" x40" Vacuum Press

Computersied Vee Nailer


Creative and custom Mat borders and shapes. VIEW SAMPLES HERE
including Reverse Bevel Ovals, Circles, Hearts, Name Plate openings and more all done on a Computerised Mat Cutter with up to 5 (five) layers with different size reveals and in some cases cut while you wait.

Multiple openings a speciality.
e.g. Collage, Letters, Word mats, Multiples and Cut Art Debossing tool enables Decorative designs, Lines, Fonts and names to be pressed into the matboard in 3 (three)  different widths.

Debossing tool.
The debossing tool runs a small metal ball over the surface of the mat, leaving an indentation in its path. An excellent device for creating subtle, decorative designs, letters, corner accents, cut art, V- Grooves and fonts in 3 sizes e.g. name and date of christening, wedding or your special day or event.

Precise computerised mat cutter.   
Our precision computerised mat cutter  is an every day performer providing perfection in cut quality at a true 45 degrees  in both normal and reverse bevels. It can cut complicated designs eliminating human error.   Combining this  with the Debossing tool we can now offer a unique choice of finishes at affordable prices to make your artworks stand out from the rest

Photographic display Mats and backing made to size.
We offer mat cutting for any one who displays photos at home or in local or national competitions along with a backing board of your choice.

Coloured Mat boards extensive range.
All our acid free mat board is of the highest quality and manufactured by Peterboro, Nielson Bainbridge or Crescent giving you a huge range of colours to choose from 4, 6, 8 ply, White or Blackcore, in sizes 32” x 40” (812 x 1015mm) or 60” x 40” (1015 x1524mm)

 Backing & Mounting  Board full range
Acid free Foamboard Archival Foamboard, Black Foamboard, Standard Foamboard & Pasted Formacote and Self-Adhesive Foamboard in 3, 5, 10mm. All from 32” x 40” (810mm x 1020mm) or 40” x 60” ( 1020mm x 1520mm)

Mouldings – Wooden and Aluminium
Avon, Visualedge and Antons, cut to size or made up – see our new range of ornate imports.

speciality Glass
2mm standard clear. Tru Vue 97% U.V. Block Conservation clear, Tru Vue Museum Glass

Full professional picture framing service available at All-Art
including original artworks, photos, prints, medals, coins, cigarette cards -  view both sides, memorabilia, mirrors, awards, anything framable

Bulk mat cutting and Picture framing by quote only.

PICTURE FRAMING SUPPLIES (new) Visit our Catalogue page

Mouldings, Foam board, Matboards,  Magic tape, Paper tapes, Double sided transfer tape ATG & guns, 3M sellotape, Special tapes & guns, Conservation art tapes, Adhesives, Bump-ons, Packaging, Cutting, Glass cleaning, Fine fabric fastners, Glue, Touch-up filler & pens, V-Nails, Wall hooks, Hangers, Canvas offsets, Pliers, Screws, Security Hangers, Points, Staples & Guns, Cord, Standbacks, Backing board Pasted white Formakote, Cotton Rag Foamboard, Lineco conservation tapes and Papers.

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