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Sarah - The Framing Workshop

Hi Chris,

Just a note to say that we are very pleased with our new SHARP blades. Thank you for doing a such a good job. I have another set to send your way.

kind regards
The Framing Workshop

Dean Walker - Affordable Frames

Up until recently I have had my guillotine blades sharpened by a business, used by others in the industry. I noticed that whenever my blades were returned to me and fitted to the knife block on my guillotine, they were at different lengths and never even. Of more concern was that my brand new blades were producing a minute but noticeable opening in the corners of some of my joins after their first sharpening, something I had not encountered previously. These were even in length when new and were returned uneven.

I decided to send my blades to Chris for sharpening to see if this would make a difference. What I received back were perfectly hollow ground blades, even in length for the first time ever and producing beautiful clean joins with no corner openings. Better still the cost of Chris's service was less than what I had previously paid, including the courier fee. Chris's turnaround time on his service was also impressive, having received my blades on a Friday I had them back on Monday morning.

I have since had my back-up blades sharpened and won't be using any service other than Chris's in the future.

Dean Walker
Affordable Frames - Whitby

Sally Papps

I happily recommend Chris at All Art for all framing needs. Chris’s output is very efficient, the quality of the work is excellent, and its all done within a reasonable price range and a friendly environment.

Sally Papps

B. Kytola

Looking for and committing to an on-line supplier for framing supplies can be a daunting task given the number of businesses out there. Chris and his team have exceeded my expectations as a supplier in every field. Chris is obviously an expert in his field and his advice is honest, reliable and impartial. As a photographer I am only interested in high quality mats for my images and the mats that Chris supplies easily meet my requirements, both in quality and price. Delivery times are impressive, with orders being securely packaged to ensure all items are received in excellent condition. I have no problem recommending Chris and his team to any new customers.

B. Kytola

Timely Fashion

Dear Chris,
Thank you for always making my frames in a timely fashion. Your prices are great! It is always a pleasure to do business with such a professional.
kind regards,
Barbara Franklet

JackieMac Limited

We are very pleased with the work that Chris has done for us. His prices are good, and he does an excellent job. He presents us with options to choose from and he really knows his trade. Chris has framed the delicate glass pictures that we create, and the pastel portraits that Jackie does so well. We make our living creating high-end jewellery and art work, so we need the quality craftsmanship and timely service we get from All-Art. We are happy to recommend Chris to anybody
Stephen Coote, co-owner
JackieMac Limited

Excellent service

Hi Chris, well that has impressed me. The box was waiting on my doorstep when I got home 10 mins ago at 5:27pm, Excellent service.

Reasonably Priced

I recently bought a frame online from Chris Narbey at a large selection of frames, very quick turnaround and very reasonably priced.
just thought id share
Posted this on my interweb at weta digital

Service Fantastic

Hi Paula here is the email address and website for Chris at allart, who has just started up his business. Compared to other quotes his prices were great and service fantastic.